About Smiling Through Chaos

Smiling Through Chaos is a full-service wedding planning and coaching business, the one company to call for your event. We provide everything you need to look and feel your best for that special event you are hosting, while managing all of the details, from vendor management to color and theme selection, to diet, exercise and relaxation techniques, and everything in between. We want you to be thrilled with the results, so we will keep you informed and involved as much or as little as you choose. The Founder, Amanda Hudes, is involved in every phase, so you can count on a fantastic production. Amanda only works with the most qualified service providers to best suit your vision and budget.  Let's get started!

“Weddings are stressful but with our wedding planner we didn’t feel the stress! She took charge, contacting all of our vendors and handling all of the difficult issues that came up. She dealt with the problematic vendors, coordinated all of the many timelines and checked that every detail was taken care of. This way, the day of the wedding I could relax and enjoy myself and she would be handling everything and everyone else. She was absolutely fantastic!!”


Founder, Amanda Hudes

As a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, with a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising Marketing Communications, as well as certification in Health Counseling from the Integrative School for Nutrition, and exercise certifications through ACE Fitness and YogaFit, Amanda is always looking to learn as much as she can and expand the ways she can help people. Amanda is known for her style, attention to detail throughout every phase in event planning, and the ability to help women lose weight quickly in a healthy way. Nothing thrills her more than knowing her clients are happy and living the life they always imagined, success in your eyes.

Amanda Hudes founded Smiling Through Chaos to plan and manage the creation of amazing events, while fulfilling her life's mission of helping women feel confident, strong, motivated and beautiful. She is able to do all of this by combining her many areas of expertise into one business. Amanda has been known for always delivering seamlessly, being on top of every detail, while exuding genuine happiness.

She volunteers her time with Allendale Woman's Club, Wish Upon a Wedding, New York Cares, and ABC, and she is always open to new ways to help encourage and assist others.

A little bit of background...

Weddings and other Major Lifetime Events:

Amanda has years of experience in Wedding Planning, as well as Corporate and Personal event planning. Amanda specializes in wedding planning, helping to ensure the bride and groom have the most amazing experience. From milestone birthday events to holiday soirees, baby showers and engagement parties, Amanda LOVES planning and managing every aspect that goes into making the event smooth and stress-free. 
While some may take a list and check off each task as it is completed, Amanda thinks about each piece to the puzzle to ensure it isn't just checked off but that there are no missing pieces. "What would make this even BETTER? What would bring a smile to my client's face?" Treating your event like she would her own, she puts her all into each project and works to get you the best rates and best service. She wants your guests to feel comfortable and truly enjoy their time at your event, and she goes out of her way to create that warm feeling. THAT is the difference in hiring Amanda as your event planner. 
"Amanda's email is EfficientAmanda@gmail.com, and after working with her, I can say that is so perfect for her! Of course, she is not only extremely efficient, capable, and on top of everything, she is also full of sunshine, which to me, is how it should feel working on weddings! Amanda makes doing this job fun, which is truly why I love working with her so much!"
Erin Hill, harpist


Amanda's interest in fashion began from the start. Her love of color and unique details first brought her into the retail world, in which she quickly soared. During and after her time studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Amanda worked for world-renowned fashion designers and in the corporate marketing and product development sectors of fashion and makeup for major brands such as Express and Victoria's Secret.

With years of experience and a desire to bring out the best in people, Amanda is your go-to source for staying on trend while dressing for your body type. Key plus - your body will also be looking its best working with Amanda's nutrition and exercise plan!


Stemming from a childhood with food intolerances, Amanda quickly became the go to source for all of her friends and family, naturally developing a meal planning business in college (the A+ Plan) when word spread that she helped women lose weight quickly in a healthy way. She then attended and graduated from the Integrative School for Nutrition (IIN) as a certified Health Counselor, gaining knowledge from the founders of every major diet available, from Atkins to Raw Food from David Wolfe, and everything in between. Throughout the years since, she has helped clients in feeling and looking their best through healthy eating and a balanced mindset.


Amanda encourages getting people moving and having fun! Dancing throughout her youth and college, she later expanded her knowledge of exercise and became a 200-hour certified instructor from YogaFit and certified in Group Fitness and Sports Conditioning from ACE. 


As a certified Reiki professional and natural Intuitive, Amanda helps others through the daily challenges of being a busy woman. She uses essential oils at times and is trained in PediaPoint for children as well. This is a great way to reduce stress levels, calm the mind and body, and allow your true goals in life to come through. 

Personally, Amanda believes that the best is yet to come and we have to cheer each other on through life. Devoted to her family, friends and clients, you will find that with Amanda you will not only gain a professional contact to call every time you need something, but a trusted friend as well.