There is a reason for everything we do here at Smiling Through Chaos, and that includes the process of getting to know you so we can provide you with the best possible options for your taste and style, build a relationship with you, and understand you so well that we already know the answer before you respond. So here’s the process!


    Knowing who you are, what you get excited about, and what would be a dream come true is so important at the very start of planning a beautiful event for you. Our initial consultation will involve questions in various categories, from your ideal vacation spot to your favorite weekend activity. Our goal by the end of the consultation is to have a mutual feeling that we understand you, as individuals, couples, and/or families, and we have a strong direction to begin.


    The creative process begins by creating your theme and/or color story, the feeling behind the big celebration. Built soon after the initial consultation and discussion around budget, this inspiration is the key to providing your team with a guideline and a visual for the team to refer to.


    Once we know the vibe, we can build the team of experts in their field to create an environment of brainstorming new ideas, having an “I can” outlook, and businesses that suit your style and will keep you smiling throughout the process and the special event. The individuals who come together to become your team are key to getting you beautiful results and impeccable service. So who are these “people?” Depending on the needs of the specific event, they can range from catering to photography to entertainment and everything in between. It’s just about the RIGHT people.


    Once we have the right people in place, we delve into the creative process of design and brainstorming unique elements that will make your event a showstopper.


    You’ll be amazed at how many small details there are to be managed and organized after finalizing the large components to the big day, but that’s what we DO, so keep smiling! Closer to the event date, we will create a clear and concise timeline for all of your vendors to utilize , review all notes to ensure everyone is on the same page, and make sure you are feeling fantastic.


    Now it’s time to just ENJOY! We will be there to manage your amazing team, help you to relax, and be “your person.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why smiling through chaos?

STC does things differently. It’s about the event, it’s about helping clients feel amazing, and it’s about creating that energy that’s something you can only feel…that positivity, that zest for life, that extra something that makes you feel at ease and like you want to jump up and dance all at the same time. STC cares about the clients, the vendors, the entire experience…and most of all, seeing you smile.

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What kind of investment am I going to be making?

We always put ourselves in the shoes of our clients and potential clients, and we know that we appreciate transparency and clarity when it comes to the financial aspect of hiring someone to create such a magical day. So while the total cost depends on the specific wedding and/or event, below allows for you to get a good idea of the type of investment you’ll be making with planning services so you can enjoy the process and the big day, and keep the focus on the excitement and on your relationships rather than the everyday tasks and any challenges that arise.

Wedding Planning Services begin at $2200 for Month-Of-Coordination and $7200 for Full Service Planning.

Event Planning Services for all other events begin at $2500 and are all Full Service.

For Health Counseling and other health related services, your investment is made on a per session or monthly basis, so let’s discuss what your goal is so you can start feeling fantastic!

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Do I have to hire the vendors you recommend or can I hire others?

We are always open to meeting and working with new vendors as there are so many businesses that have so much to offer! That being said, we do have certain requirements so that you have the best experience possible, including STC being the direct contact for all vendors so there is clear communication and direction. We can also highly recommend certain vendors because we know they are reliable, produce great work, and are wonderful to work with, so if you’re looking for those qualities (which surely you are!), the recommendations are worth discussing. Ready to have a conversation? Let’s go!