You rarely hear about all of the work that goes into planning this amazing day, the hours and hours of time spent coordinating, discussing, negotiating and carefully arranging, and the stress that comes along with all of the personalities and decisions. It’s definitely more intense than it seems!

Avoid the stress, enjoy the moments.

I want to show you how you can smile through all of it.

In this book, I’m going to give you the main focus points in modern-day wedding planning, including venue choice, photography styles, and design elements, all simplified down to create a quick read that sticks to the true meaning of this special day.

Q&A with the author:

Q) What do you think is one thing many couples miss out on when planning their weddings?

A) This is going to sound ironic, but I think when couples focus SO much on the wedding, they can lose sight of what is really happening…they are getting married and going to spend their lives together, and that is so beautiful! Creating a day that helps to create the magic is such an amazing experience for the couple, so maintaining “us time” will allow for the relationship to continue growing during the wedding planning process.

Q) Is this book for couples who want to plan their own weddings or for those who will be working with a professional Planner?

A) I think both will benefit from reading this book. It provides guidance that will allow couples to utilize on their own as well as while working with a Planner. For instance, you don’t stop having questions just because you’re working with a Planner. You might want to understand more about the options when it comes to choosing Invitations before speaking to your Planner about the subject.

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