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“Weddings aren’t stressful but with our wedding planner we didn’t feel the stress! She took charge, contacting all of our vendors and handling all of the difficult issues that came up. She dealt with the problematic vendors, coordinated all of the many timelines and checked that every detail was taken care of. This way, the day of the wedding I could relax and enjoy myself and she would be handling everything and everyone else. She was absolutely fantastic!!”


Planning: Full service and month-of-coordination

Wellness: nutrition, relaxation techniques, exercise guidance, yoga, AND fashion styling are also available to help you look and feel your best for your special day...or just because!

To ensure the utmost integrity of our events and keep everyone smiling, we take on a limited amount of clients each year. And we love all who love. We serve. We inspire. We care. If you email or call, you speak to the owner. It's detailed customization, personal relationships, and efficient planning and coaching.

Are you getting excited?! Let's go!




From start to finish, Smiling Through Chaos is here for you, helping to create everything you've imagined for your special day, building your team of professionals, creating the vision, and organizing it all.  Includes Month-Of Coordination.

We look forward to discussing your vision at the initial consultation and creating a customized package that best suits your personality and needs.

We also offer set packages for your convenience.


Starting 4-6 weeks before your big day, Smiling Through Chaos will come in and take over, allowing you to truly experience and enjoy your wedding.

As little or as often as you would like to discuss your upcoming wedding and any challenges that may surround it, we are here for you.

On the day of, you’ll find warmth and passion for the work from Smiling Through Chaos, and your guests are sure to feel it as well. Just enjoy.


other events

Amanda brings so much to everything she does. She is seriously smart, professional, knowledgable and has a huge heart. You couldn’t pick a more wonderful person to work with.

Smiling Through Chaos is all about making sure you ENJOY your event and the process leading up to it. 

full service planning 

Everything from creating an amazing team who will allow you to have the event of your dreams to creating the timeline and being present to make sure your event runs seamlessly, Smiling Through Chaos will plan and execute your event with many smiles along the way. Working within your budget, large or small, offering an ear to listen and an efficient and effective work style, Smiling Through Chaos is here to help because that's what we are all about - helping, motivating, celebrating, and creating happy memories. Includes Month-Of Coordination.

  • Birthday Celebrations and Milestones

  • Anniversary Parties

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

  • Bridal Showers

  • Baby Showers

  • Surprise Events


Wellness services to help you feel amazing for your special event or just because, Smiling Through Chaos offers coaching to help you create your best self. 


Achieving Goals: Twice monthly phone or Skype/Facetime 55-minute sessions for 6 months (That's how long it takes to create a new habit!), with email updates in between sessions. You won't have to worry about taking any notes since Amanda will be sending you your recommendations over email within 24 hours of your session, thus allowing you to focus solely on achieving your goals. WHY are you eating the way you are? WHAT might be beneficial for your specific body? 

Maintenance Plan: Once monthly phone or Skype/Facetime 55-minute sessions for 12 months (Must Achieve Goals before continuing with the Maintenance Plan)

relaxation, including reiki and YOGA PRACTICE

Monthly Check-In: Once monthly 45-minute in-person sessions for 12 months to check in with yourself, with your body, with who you want to become and how you can become your best self