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On Wedding Wire as well.

“I had the pleasure of having Amanda as the planner and day-of coordinator for my wedding this past Saturday. With Amanda’s help, my wedding day was everything that I envisioned and more!

A few months ago, my mom and I found ourselves overwhelmed by the wedding planning process. We had picked most of our vendors and mailed out invitations, but we couldn’t figure out how to piece it all together, and manage the individual vendors. Luckily, Amanda stepped in and saved day.

From the first conversation that I had with Amanda, I knew that my wedding was in good hands. Not only did Amanda have an extremely positive attitude, but she also showed a genuine interest in getting to know us as a couple. By getting to know us, Amanda was then able to make suggestions regarding the final touches of our wedding (e.g., the design of the dinner menus) that completely aligned with our style and taste. Amanda also made several amazing judgment calls on our wedding day (e.g., removing the strobe lighting from our photo booth setup), which further reflected how well she knew us as a couple. 

One of the most valuable things that Amanda did for us leading up to the wedding was setting up a timeline for the wedding day. This timeline was amazing! Amanda communicated with all of our vendors - the band, the florist, the photographer, the venue, the hotel, the transportation company, the photo booth company, the seamstress, the hair stylist, the make up artist, the officiant, as well as the individuals responsible for the cookies and cake. On the wedding day, the whole operation was like a well-oiled machine! Amanda even helped us figure out a way to incorporate 10 speeches into our dinner program (while still making sure there would be time for plenty of dancing). 

I could go on and on about Amanda, but I’m hoping you get the bottom point by now - she is the real deal! With tremendous confidence, and without reservation, I would recommend Amanda to any bride.”


Hannah and Stoian.jpg

“I have worked with Amanda on nutrition counseling for almost a year. We started when she was planning my wedding and this was one of the services she offered. At that time I felt I had about 15 pounds to lose before my wedding. We had 3 months to work with. Right after our first session, I knew that it would work; that she could help me. See, I have worked with a couple of other nutrition counselors before. Pretty much all of them had the same advice, which boiled down to, eat less carbs or eat good carbs and increase protein intake. They had a very set plan of action, just rinse and repeat. Not Amanda! In our first session, her questions were about my eating habits. Not just my current habits, but we want back as far as I could remember, all the way to my childhood. Based on my feedback she came back suggestions that were tailored to me. They were something I could follow. Small changes that I could make. It was good start. 
Most of my previous counselors were little restricted with their approach give that that I'm a vegetarian. I also hate raw food, salads and the likes. So I could never really follow their suggestions. Amanda however, gave me recipes that appealed to my taste buds. And that's especially difficult, given that I'm an Indian who loves his spices :) Almost all of those recipes are now part of our regular meals. She would also encourage me to find recipes that I found tasty and would suggest small improvements and replacements that would make them healthy. As a result, I didn't go on a 'diet'. I changed my lifestyle. At the end of 3 months, I had lost 15 pounds. I continued working with Amanda, even after my wedding, only this time the focus was not loosing weight, but to continue making my lifestyle healthier. Six months later, I can say I'm definitely eating more cleaner and healthier than before. I'm also thinking variety, which I lacked before. I'm now confident that I will not go back to unhealthy lifestyle and if by chance I do, Amanda is just a phone call away :)
This review would be incomplete without the mention of the emails that Amanda sent after every session. They are a treasure of information. They also have a lot of recipes :)”


"Working with Amanda was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding (October 2016). We hired Amanda as our wedding coordinator and our biggest regret was not hiring her earlier! She not only helped manage our vendors leading up to the big day (and some of our vendors weren't the easiest to deal with!) she helped ensure we would have everything that we needed day of - including things that we didn't even realize we needed. Leading up to our wedding Amanda made sure we got everything done that we needed to, all while making sure we weren't too stressed out. On the day of our wedding, Amanda coordinated the entire day, made sure everyone (bridal party and vendors) were where they needed to be and had everything they needed, and ensured that the venue was setup perfectly! Additionally, Amanda worked with us prior to the wedding to make sure that we looked our best.

The reason we chose to work with Amanda was how excited and invested she was in our wedding from our first phone call. Without Amanda and her passion for planning the perfect day, we’re positive our day would not have been as amazing as it was. We will definitely use Smiling Through Chaos for future events, and we highly recommend Amanda for wedding planning and coordination!" 


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"Weddings are stressful but with our wedding planner we didn't feel the stress! She took charge, contacting all of our vendors and handling all of the difficult issues that came up. She dealt with the problematic vendors, coordinated all of the many timelines and checked that every detail was taken care of. This way, the day of the wedding I could relax and enjoy myself and she would be handling everything and everyone else. She was absolutely fantastic!!"


“When my husband, and I, were first engaged we started the difficult process of trying to plan and organize a wedding we kept going around in circles without being able to make any decisions or even knowing where to start. The only thing that my husband and I did figure out was that we wanted to get married in the first or second week of December 2017. As March 2017 rolled around my mom made the best decision for us, she found Amanda the owner of Smiling through Chaos to help us organize and plan our wedding. Since the first day when we met Amanda to the day of our wedding, on December 10th, Amanda was able to seamlessly take over and give us the day of our dreams. We didn’t want anything traditional, and Amanda never pressured us to do anything we didn’t want to. She listened to what we wanted, and gave us suggestions on how to make the event even more spectacular. What was amazing is that she found us the venue of our dreams within a matter of two weeks of working with us. She even accompanied us to outfit trials, and helped me with finding the perfect dress. I don’t think that we could even have imagined how beautiful, well planned and detail oriented an event could be, until we saw Amanda take charge and put together such an amazing party. The beauty was really in all the details, because very few people can think about all the small details that actually create the big picture, and Amanda is one of those rare individuals. While we made choices, we never had an exact idea how the whole picture would turn out, the way that Amanda did. When I finally saw everything, the centerpieces, the book boxes (Amanda’s idea) and the Ganesh area the day of our big day, I felt so emotional at just how beautiful everything was. What was the most incredible part of working with Amanda was that we always felt like she had our back and that our wedding was the most important part of her life as well. She truly went above and beyond her role as a planner and became a member of our family and even a friend. I would recommend Amanda without reservation. She can plan an event of your dreams without ever letting you feel any of the stress that comes with planning. She will undoubtedly be our planner for all future events.”


 "Amanda provides customized, sensitive advice on a wide range of important lifestyle and spiritual topics that go far beyond what any so-called 'nutritionist' could be reasonably be expected to deliver on a consulting basis. What's more, she has a delightful personality that makes you look forward to meetings, gets you excited about her program, and encourages you to stick with it until you get the promised results, and then some. I recommend her without qualification."

Tom Bisky, Editorial Consultant, Prose & Content,  Inc.

"Smiling Through Chaos was recommended to us by a family friend, who used Amanda (the proprietor) for their son's wedding. From the start, Amanda was in constant communication with me and my mother, and always made herself available to speak if we  had any questions. In the days leading up to the wedding, she contacted each vendor, and produced a detailed timeline for the big day. On the day of the wedding, Amanda could not have been more valuable. She made sure that everything went off smoothly and was there to take care of all the little details. Amanda listened to all our concerns and gave her input without being pushy. Amanda ensured that my wedding day went smoothly and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to make it as stress-free as possible!"



"I have had the pleasure of working with Amanda several times over the last few years for various events, both large and small scale. Each time I hire her to plan an event for me, she far surpasses my expectations. She has made my personal events very meaningful by thoughtfully planning them every step of the way. She has a keen eye for detail and manages every aspect so that I am able to enjoy the process as well as being able to relax on the actual event day. Knowing that I have someone whom I trust to take care of all the nuances of planning, is invaluable. I don't have to worry about a thing, Amanda is there to make sure that everything goes seamlessly.

Amanda has also really come through for me for my corporate events as well. She has a way of turning potentially extremely stressful situations into something very pleasant and manageable. She has artfully orchestrated the creation of several beautiful, successful productions for me and I am very grateful for her seamless organization. Her ability to unobtrusively arrange these productions is a rare art form. I am so thankful to have Amanda, she is truly a gift!"

lauren y.


"I had most of my planning set in place already by the time Amanda came into the picture. My mom wanted to gift to me someone to help me the day of my wedding in order to leave me as stress free and worry free as possible. Amanda did just that. From the moment I spoke with her I knew she would be such a great person to include. Amanda reached out to all of my vendors to make sure all loose ends were tied, she helped with items I personally would have forgotten about and she was super helpful in my day of schedule ( something I would have left until probably the morning of!!) Amanda helped to make sure my venue was set up to be what I expected and she helped me to look best my day of. She was constantly there making sure I was happy and worry free. I highly recommend Amanda and look forward to working with her in the future! Thank you Amanda!"


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“My (now) husband and I are so glad we chose Smiling Through Chaos to help us plan our big day. As two busy professionals, we knew we would need help with putting together the finishing touches on our wedding. Amanda was top notch! She made each step of the planning process easier to manage, and answered all of our questions promptly. When our wedding day came we had full confidence that we could ENJOY our day. Amanda’s creativity and patience with orchestrating all the last minute details is what planning is all about. We will definitely call up Amanda again for future events!”



“Working with Amanda was a true pleasure from start to finish. She is incredibly thorough while always keeping the couple's style and preferences in mind. Amanda is a true professional who is one of the best in the business. I highly recommend her to all of my clients looking for a wedding planner and will continue to do so. I hope to have the opportunity to work with here many times again in the future.”


"...I enjoyed so many of the various options she provided for me - her knowledge about food and what was right for me was unbelievable.  But in addition to all of this, we also tapped in to things that were happening in my personal life and she helped me with that as well.  I did not set out to get help with relationships or my daily happiness, but the sessions allowed for that to be incorporated in.  

Amanda has such a positive attitude and approach which you can't help but start to take on as she coaches you in her sessions.  

And lastly, she is so responsible and so thorough that I was highly impressed!  We had phone sessions and she always called exactly on time and her e-mail follow ups were so helpful and detailed.  I always knew she was really paying attention, really cared, and tailored my sessions just for me - there is not an overall protocal she applies to everyone - she really treats each client individually and for their specific needs. 

Overall, I look better physically, I feel better physically, and although I'm still working on the rest of the personal aspects, her advice and personal touch has really stuck with me and I continue to hear her words of wisdom each day.  Even after our sessions have ended, Amanda sent me an article which absolutely applied to me - she really does care and wants to help.  Bringing that passion to her work has helped her to be a real success!"



"We had the great pleasure to enjoy a beautiful wedding that Amanda created. From the sweet ceremony highlighting the couple's personal essence, to the thoughtful touches she wove throughout their entire special day, it was just perfect. Amanda cleverly tailored the details of the day's sequence of events to coincide perfectly with their unique personalities and preferences. This event was efficiently streamlined and meticulously orchestrated. There was so much joy, fun and celebration, it made for a truly memorable day!"


"Working with Amanda, who I informally dubbed “Superwoman,” was always an amazing learning experience. Her attention to detail, efficiency in organization and creativity are inspiring. I don't think Amanda knows the word "can't," as she does what it takes to get the job done and ends up exceeding all expectations.

While developing our company holiday party, she created a welcoming environment, building on people's strengths, which I believe is the epitome of leadership. Her ability to think out of the box while anticipating every need ensured that guests had a blast.

Amanda's work ethic is something I aspire to and anyone lucky enough to benefit from her services will also gain an invaluable resource and friend."



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