I've been super busy the past few weeks, so there has been a delay in the blogging (My apologies!). 

Today's post is about being grateful. What can you smile about when there are several challenges going on in your life simultaneously? There is always something! Remember...smiling through the chaos...

My Insta Stories on Instagram the past 2 days have been full of comments about how amazing the  Spring weather has been, and THAT in itself is something to smile about! 

And what about those sunsets lately?! AMAZING!

And the birds chirping outside!

The ability to take a walk, dance, move that body!

There is so much to be grateful for. Start a list! I bet you'll come up with more than you originally thought. 

If you started your wedding planning and it's becoming more stressful than you thought and you have now realized that you are no longer smiling about it, contact me! I am HAPPY to help bring that smile back to your face and handle all of the vendors, coordination, timeline, and everything else that is needed to ensure a seamless and beautiful event. 

If you'd like to share your list, please do so below and/or on the Smiling Through Chaos Facebook and Instagram accounts in the comments section, or by tagging Smiling Through Chaos! I look forward to seeing all of them.


Have a BEAUTIFUL day.

xoxo Amanda

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