STC Manicotti Lovin'

When I was a child, my favorite food was manicotti. I just LOVED Italian food, so when I found out that I would no longer be able to eat it, I was, as you could imagine a child being, devastated. It was the third grade and no more Italian food for me. 

Or so I thought! 


It wasn't until now this week that I found it to be true that I could enjoy my favorite meal once again, but this time dairy and gluten free. 

In the past, I just stopped trying to create an Italian dish such as this one because none of the dairy-free options tasted "real" enough. THIS, my friends, is the real deal. It's considered dairy-free in my book because most people who are unable to tolerate dairy are really unable to digest COW dairy. This meal includes goat dairy, so for those of you who are unable to tolerate all dairy, unfortunately this meal is not for you, but feel free to modify as you see fit and let me know in the comments below how it turned out and what changes you made!

Okay, now for the dish on the dish ;)

Jovial Foods produces an organic brown rice gluten free pasta manicotti that are not too big and not too small, just perfect size. 

Mt. Sterling Co-Op Creamery is literally the only goat milk brand that offers mozzarella cheese that melts well and tastes great.

My favorite soft goat cheese is the one in the square box by Chavrie. It's not organic (wish it was!), but it's a mild goat cheese that's only 50 calories for 2 tablespoons and is light and fluffy.

Kite Hill came out with a ricotta cheese made from almond milk. Honestly, I was a bit nervous to try it, but wow, I'm impressed! 

Smiling Through Chaos Manicotti


  • Jovial Foods organic brown rice gluten free manicotti
  • Kite Hill Ricotta
  • Mt. Sterling Co-Op Creamery pasteurized goat milk mozzarella cheese
  • Chavrie goat cheese
  • Daiya Foods dairy-free mozzarella shreds
  • crushed organic tomatoes from a jar
  • raw organic spinach
  • organic zucchini
  • 1 organic egg
  • 3 tablespoons organic parseley (dried is fine)


Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. 

Boil manicotti for 4-5 minutes and remove with a slotted spoon.

In a large bowl, combine ricotta, egg, parsley, and Chavrie goat cheese.

Spray a 9x13 inch baking dish with avocado oil spray (or similar size is fine). Pour enough crushed organic tomatoes to cover the dish. 

Add filling to the manicotti with either a pastry bag with a hole cut out at the bottom or with a small spoon. * If you overfill, you won't have enough for all of the manicotti, so fill just enough and you can always add a little more to them at the end if there is extra.

Add manicotti to the baking dish.

Cut up organic zucchini into thin slices and add to the top of the pasta.

zucchini manicotti.jpg

Cover the filled pasta and zucchini with more crushed tomato sauce. 

Cover the sauce with small pieces of Mt. Sterling goat cheese and then Daiya mozzarella shreds. 

Bake for approximately 40 minutes, until you see the Mt. Sterling goat cheese just brown.

Add organic raw spinach to dinner plate. Add portion of manicotti and...enjoy!


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