STC Baked Nutty Apples

Happy ____day! Basically, every day can be happy, so why stop at one specific day!

Now to the apple recipe ;)

baked apple.jpg

Set oven to anywhere between 365 and 375 degrees F. 

Rinse 3 organic apples (YES, PLEASE ONLY ORGANIC! I was read the list of "ingredients" in an apple that wasn't organic while I was in nutrition school and everyone thought he was reading off a list of ingredients in Doritos or another packaged food!). 

De-core the apples and slice in half. Slice each of those halves in half again so you have slices that are bigger than "apple slices" but smaller than a half of an apple. 

Set slices on a rectangular baking pan pre-sprayed with organic coconut spray or ghee spray (whichever your taste preference that day).

Add a couple of dollops of organic coconut oil to the apples, about 1tb total. 

Sprinkle apple pie spice and cinnamon to the apples. 

Throw a handful of dairy-free or dark chocolate morsels and mini chips on top of the apples.

Bake until you start to smell them, and then check on them. Then bake a few more minutes until they are soft to the fork's touch.

Remove 3-4 slices (or 1 total apple) and set in a bowl, along with the goodies alongside the slices. 

Drizzle Nuttzo Organic Power Fuel Crunchy Nut Butter on top of the apple slices. If you keep your nut butter in the fridge, you'll probably want to warm it up a bit. 

Now....enjoy.... You have a delicious and nutritious snack!

baked apples1.jpg
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