A Challenge Just Means Getting To Know Ourselves Even Better

Tomorrow my second baby boy will be turning 9 months - wow. What a beautiful time this has been, and I look forward to every single day now and in the future with this sweetheart . We are faced with challenges every day, personal and professional, and it’s how we handle them that shows us how strong we truly are. I was around 7.5 months pregnant in the pic to the right, the left 9 months #postpartum and my diastasis recti is finally getting better and I’m starting to “get back into my body.” I’m excited to try the jogging stroller soon once spring actually arrives and move my body in ways it hasn’t felt in awhile! Everything is a phase, which has been a repeated phrase throughout parenthood, whenever I have a “eating whatever the heck I feel like” meal or snack, whenever there is a #challenge I’m faced with... What will the next one be? I’m ready. Are you? The best feeling is when I see and hear my clients become even stronger, but not just physically, in every sense of the word. It’s Motivation Monday so let’s GO! Get started today with @smilingthroughchaos!

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