STC Immune Booster Smoothie

Good morning everyone, and Happy Smoothie Sunday!

It's also Super Bowl Sunday, so starting the day off with a healthy smoothie is the way to go before the extra snacks most of us will be eating later on today.

But the main reason I wanted to share this smoothie is because one of the biggest topics being discussed right now is the FLU - who has it, who got the vaccine, who didn't, who is keeping their kids home so they don't get the flu, etc. etc. I'm all about keeping our bodies healthy so we can fight infections, bad bacteria and viruses that come our way, and during times when we know people around us are sick, giving our bodies that extra boost as well. 

So here we come back to...the Smiling Through Chaos Immune Booster Smoothie. 

I very rarely make just one smoothie at a time, and I also rarely measure. It's really just about giving our bodies the extra nutrients they need to stay healthy, energetic, and feeling GOOOOOOOOD...

I made 5 smoothies, so we could enjoy 2 a day, one with extra toppings for breakfast and one for a little snack during the day.

immune booster smoothie.jpg

I've made it super easy for you to shop and see images of the ingredients so you know what they look like when you go to the store, and none of this is sponsored by any brand. I just share what I know works and what tastes great.


Enjoy, feel good, and comment below after you try it! Let me know what you think! 

close up immune smoothie.jpg
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