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Sometimes you can get a feel for someone's true character and personality when you email or talk on the phone, and sometimes that in-person meeting can connect people on a different level. I knew Christine Merson was nice, but, to quote Christine, "The first time we sat down to meet, I felt as though I was having coffee with an old friend.  That is one of my favorite things to experience in life, but in my business it is so important.  We immediately connected not only personally, but on business ethics, which is imperative in building a working relationship." Christine is someone I know I can trust, which is key for my work since I want my clients to feel confident about the service providers I recommend to them.  

 Christine Merson

Christine Merson

Christine believes this is key - hiring vendors you trust allows them to do their jobs well and allows the clients to know everything is being taken care of, reducing the stress that can go along with wedding planning and the special day. She says, "I think it is great to have a vision for what you want, but I also think it is important to share your vision and allow the pros to incorporate your vision with their expertise.  Also, it is very important to hire vendors whose work you love and also connect with on a personal level.  As a photographer, I am with the couple for the entirety of the wedding day.  It is so important that you hire someone whose work you adore and who you want to be with you on your wedding day. "

How perfectly said! Having vendors at your wedding who are people you really get along with and WANT at your wedding makes such a difference. This is something that's really important to factor in when looking at cost as the main consideration, or when deciding between two providers who offer similar styles of work. 

Continuing on, Christine says, "I am very hands on when it comes to my business.  I make it a point to be the one who is there for my clients from start to finish by meeting in person for the initial consultation, photographing the events, editing all images myself and doing the custom album design. My second shooters are all experienced professionals.  I only hire shooters who I would trust to photograph my own wedding.  I also make sure that I am available directly to my clients to answer any questions leading up to or following their event.  It is important to me that my clients know that I am there for them."

Christine is a beautiful photographer, as you can see from her work on her web site ( More than that, she is humble and honored when she is chosen to photograph a couple's most magical day. And she takes that seriously, capturing the emotions of that exact moment for them to look back at someday and be able to transport back to that time.

Christine Merson




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