I have always had a thing for quotes...I've said that I'm obsessed with them but that seems a bit over the top ;) 

A good quote can move you like nothing else can. Words with such emotion, such passion and power to them, can enlighten, inspire, and motivate me so much. And since they do that for me, I realize that they can do that for others as well. That is the reason I include powerful quotes in so many of my "look book stories" on social media. These quotes help paint a picture of the feeling behind the visual, or push the viewer further along into the story. 

For example, when I posted this visual with this quote from the amazing @thegoodquote, it was no longer just a picture of a healthy meal that I made. It became a display of colorful ingredients paired with an intention to make your dreams become reality, to set a goal and achieve it! It became the assistance my clients and followers might have needed as an extra boost of inspiration that evening. 

Have any quotes you'd like to share? Post them below! 

xo Amanda

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