Every shot is different

Cynthia Del Conte has some good advice for brides. She likes to remind brides not to stress the little things because the only one who will know if something is missing is you. This "no stress" way of thinking matches the Smiling Through Chaos mentality, which is important when teaming up to create a magnificent wedding for clients. 

She also offers another recommendation for couples. She recommends considering wedding insurance since the cost is low and it allows you to feel more comfortable. She had a couple who was booked with a venue that went into bankruptcy, but because they had insurance, they were able to recoup the full amount so they could still book at another beautiful venue. 

These suggestions are all about keeping the stress level low and the smiles many. While poor planning can be a hinderance for wedding photographers, Cynthia and Brian appreciate when planning goes right, having stated about Smiling Through Chaos, "Your company provided wonderful planning making our job smooth and easy."

Cynthia likes to say that she and Brian shoot "controlled chaos, meaning lots and lots of real moments but beautiful, fashion inspired portraits as well." This versatility comes from Cynthia's years of deadline shooting for advertising (which requires the ability to stay calm!). This sense of calm may be why she loves winter weddings so much. Many would say summer since there is always the possibility of snow, but I love that she looks at weddings so creatively. 

Smiling Through Chaos loves working with others who have a similar mentality in working to make sure the clients are at peace and happy with our work and throughout the wedding planning process. 

Day for Night Productions/Delconte Photography

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