Want to have fun in the Hudson Valley?

This DJ is one with such talent, without the ego, and that is rare. 

With so many music entertainment options out there, it's important to offer unique service additions, and HVE sure does that! With Voice Over Intros, the Emotional Pep Rally and something they call "Abstract," you are able to provide your guests with that extra something special. Also really cool, in 2016, Michael Alevras was named a finalist (one of 12 from around the country) for the “2016 DJ of the Year,” and he competed for the title at the DJ Times Magazine DJ Expo in August 2016.

 Rose Schaller ( www.roseschallerphoto.com )

Michael Alevras, owner and DJ of HVE Associates & Hudson Valley Mitzvahs, leads the crowd with confidence and obvious experience, all while exuding an ease that allows for a fun environment. With a broad music style, he doesn't lean towards one specific type of music like some out there and works from contemporary wedding playlists to weddings that feature music from Greece, India, Norway, and others. From experience, not all entertainment options really listen to the client and what they want represented at their wedding, so having someone there who really cares about what YOU want is key. Actually, having your whole team of vendors truly care is what makes your wedding that much more enjoyable!

Here is what Mike had to say about our experience working together at a wedding held during his favorite wedding season last Fall at a local winery in the Hudson Valley:

"You were incredibly accommodating and friendly.  So many wedding planners and event coordinators get a bad rap for a variety of reasons, but you were one that was a pleasure to work with.  We both were able to work together on what the clients wishes were and executed them without any issues. " 

We were able to execute a fabulous event while really enjoying ourselves as well. As I always say, when you work with a team of great people makes "work" feel like the kind of work you want to do every day. 

Here's a piece of advice Michael has for couples:

"All wedding couples should take the time to meet with their prospective vendors.  A face to face meeting will truly give a couple an understanding of who they will be working with and a feeling of confidence that the vendor they choose can capture and follow through on the vision for their wedding day.  Also it is important for clients to meet with vendors at different price points.  A couple can learn a lot from vendors that are at their budget, below their budget and a little over their budget.  They will get some insight into what separates these vendors and in turn, help them make the right choice for their wedding."

And I love when a great story is shared:

"We had something crazy and humorous just earlier this year in April 2017.  A couple booked us for their wedding.  We provided the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception entertainment.  They also requested a photo booth.  That is all straight forward for many weddings.  The client described their wedding vision as “Nerd-Glam” and “Geek-Chic”.  They wanted many touches that incorporated super heroes, video games, Sci-Fi and anything Comic-Con. With the popularity of Super Hero movies, TV Shows and the return of new Star Wars content from Disney, it is no surprise we are seeing more of these themed weddings.  Here is the CRAZY PART…the bride secretly told me she was getting a custom groom cake that was Star Wars themed.  She asked me if I knew anybody or could get a Darth Vader or other Star Wars character to come to the wedding and present the cake and be a part of the surprise.  As luck would have it…I know someone in the Hudson Valley that has a “Screen Grade” quality Darth Vader suit.  This is not something you buy in a party store around Halloween…this Darth Vader looks like he walked right off the film set.  So I book him on behalf of the client and set the whole thing in motion.  The venue had a motorized wall that could be raised…so we staged Darth Vader behind that wall with the cake.  When the bride & groom finished cutting and feeding each other their main wedding cake we turned the song that was playing off.  We waited a brief second and then with no announcement or warning we played a looped track of Darth Vader’s famous breathing.  That was the only thing people heard.  As Darth Vader’s breathing continued the wall was raised to reveal Darth Vader in the shadows and when Darth Vader activated his full sized, working light saber, we hit the famous Star Wars title music (per the clients request) to a shocked groom and a thunderous ovation.  It blew the room away and even gave me goosebumps (I am a big Star Wars fan myself; I made sure I was wearing my Star Wars socks with my suit and a Star Wars shirt under my button down suit shirt).  The groom was overjoyed and Darth Vader even stayed for about an hour.  He took all kinds of pictures with the couple, their guests, he went in the photo booth and he danced all night.  We even got Darth Vader behind the DJ booth.  It was truly crazy and humorous that was personal for the couple. "

 Pioneer Media ( www.pioneerpd.com  )

Pioneer Media (www.pioneerpd.com )

 JT Sander ( www.jtsander.com  )

JT Sander (www.jtsander.com )

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