There is so much pressure put on having "the perfect wedding," and then there is more pressure afterwards on having "the perfect family" or "the perfect life together" where everything is smiles and joy. Where does this pressure come from? And why do we allow it to matter so much? Is it because we too want those things, or is it because we want to APPEAR perfect to others? I read something yesterday about us actually being perfect, WITH our flaws. Because what is perfection? What is the perfect relationship? No one's life is perfect...or is everyone's life perfect? It's all about perspective. Take some time to think about it. What are your thoughts on the matter?

Smiling Through Chaos: Being able to smile through the challenges, the ups and downs, the disagreements, the confusion...being able to come back to the most important matter - LOVE. After all is said and done, if we just share our love, the little challenges seem to melt away. We just have to be willing to forgive, let go, have compassion, and remember what loving truly means.

Amanda HudesComment