10 Hidden Costs That Can Wreck Your Wedding Budget

"10 Hidden Costs That Can Wreck Your Wedding Budget" - now up on WeddingWire.com!


It's an extensive article, so here are a few key points from Smiling Through Chaos!

..."Service fees, sales tax, and other miscellaneous charges

In addition to the per person cost, many venues have an 18 to 22 percent service charge (which provides for the wait staff), along with sales tax (the percentage depends on the state where you're getting married). “Most venues do list the service charge in the contract. However, when the price per person is discussed, it’s often left out of the conversation until that time, as with the tax and any other charges,” says Amanda Hudes of Smiling Through Chaos in Allendale, New Jersey. 

Venues that provide a stunning location but don’t offer full-scale amenities such as food and drinks will charge a site fee for couples to utilize the space. Examples might include a historic castle or botanical garden. Some places allow for the couple to bring in any vendor they’d like to use while others might tack on a penalty cost for wedding pros that aren’t on the “preferred” list. There may also be additional charges for cake cutting and corkage, so check with your venue before bringing in a confection from an outside bakery or your own wine. (Note: Edible favors aren’t subject to this fee.) 

Hudes recommends reviewing the contract line by line to ensure that everything you verbally agreed upon is in writing. “One time, I was hired after a couple already booked the venue. It was much harder to prove that the coordinator has promised them that specific alcohol brands would be provided at the wedding since that point wasn’t listed in the contract,” she says."

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