Treat Yo'Self with a STC Dessert!

If you're ever craving a DQ Blizzard but don't want the "guilt" afterwards, try making your own! It's SO good and YOU have the power to make it as healthy or as unhealthy as you choose, not leaving it up to someone else to add in the ingredients. 

We used frozen bananas and frozen mango, and unsweetened flaxseed milk with added protein for the base, as well as a few dairy-free / gluten-free Oreo-like sandwich cookies mixed in to it. This is where YOU have the control of how much you want to add in because remember...that's the sugar that's added. Without the cookies, the base is sugar-free (whoo hoo!). 

Now for the toppings (Yesssss...):

  • broken up cookie pieces (same ones used in the base)
  • goji berries
  • cacao nibs and dairy-free chocolate chips (I love "Enjoy Life" mini chips)
  • white chocolate (made from rice milk, also dairy-free) covered gluten-free pretzels, but feel free to melt dark chocolate instead of white on top of the pretzels before placing in the refrigerator and enjoying a few hours later! Broken up pieces of extra melted chocolate from the fridge added in as well!
  • You can also add a variety of nuts for extra vitamins!

Great dessert for adults AND kids! Super fun and you can make it as healthy as you'd like. 

What did you come up with? Post your ideas below! Can't wait to see!

Amanda HudesComment