STC Colorful Dinner Galore!

How many colors can you spot? I know! This is a SUPER colorful, nutritious, and delicious dinner that offers tons of flavor, antioxidants, and inflammation busters, AND it's satisfying with all of the fiber in the veggies!

It's also an easy way to get a full plate of food without adding bulk to your waistline, which is a plus for most, and especially my brides-to-be!

Here's what you need:

Pan of: Organic sliced Portabello mushrooms, cubed organic ginger beets by Farmhouse Culture, goat Brie cheese, soft goat cheese (mild like Chavrie is my favorite), a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, chopped organic carrots, small pieces of orange cauliflower

Add to an oven at 360 degrees F.

Stovetop pan of: Organic sliced Shitake mushrooms, zucchini and yellow squash made into "zoodles" (pasta-like noodles), parsley, white pepper, turmeric, dulse flakes, a little organic coconut oil from Sunfood

Stir every couple of minutes to ensure the oil and spices get everywhere.

Steamed: Organic broccoli and purple cauliflower

Pot of: Kite Hill dairy-free spinach and ricotta ravioli, made with almond milk ricotta

Feel free to add a little garlic tomato sauce onto the ravioli as I have here.

Add all to a plate and you have an amazing meal. Leave comments below of how YOU found it! Enjoy! Much health and happiness to all of you.


Amanda HudesComment